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Pic update

The posts should be a little more interesting look at now as I´ve put a few vids up and loads of pics. Take a look back at some of the posts to put pictures to words.

You can also click through to the entire Picasa album using the link below the pics. Travel around the world.




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The most transformational generation?

When i think about my generation I can't help feeling that we've gone through more transformational change them any since the industrial revolution. But then it's my generation so I'm always going to think we've done more in a greater way.
The technology revolution or Internet revolution - call it what you will - completely transformed my age group.
When I think back to University, it was the first time people had an email address; now, with the likes of Slack, we're trying to make email superfluous. It was a time when people still had a choice about getting a mobile phone or not. Now it's a necessity with the only choice being which type we opt for.

I was listening to my iPod classic the other day and Del Amitri 'Nothing Ever Happens' came on. I remember first playing that on vinyl before vinyl disappeared and is now making a reappearance. The line 'the needle returns to the start of the song' completely identifies with an almost forgotten …

Doing the do!

It makes me laugh.... I have so many things I want to achieve but I'm just a little too lazy to achieve any of them. It's ok though because I can simply blame everything on 'modern society'.

We're just so busy nowadays... we have far too much going on.... we don't leave enough time for ourselves... I would question anyone who says they've never used one of these excuses at least once.

I watched a program a few months ago. It was The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. One of the couples featured had a dog that didn't fit into their lives because they were 'type A' personalities... so much so that they had to keep repeating this as if they were trying to convince themselves.

It said to me that perhaps we all want to do a little more with our lives but when it gets to the 'do' part we struggle. We're very good at talking about how busy we are but we don't actually get round to doing that much. Perhaps that's me the cynic coming ou…

5th to 9th September - Pai and Chiang Mai

Wow, what an amazing place Pai is. It's a beautiful trip on the mini bus to Pai through winding mountain roads with visions of green all around you.

From Pai

From Pai

From Pai

From Pai

From Pai

I travelled with OC and Simon and we quickly befriended Matan (Israel), Gilad (Israel), Gilly (Israel) and John (Ireland) on the bus. We got to Pai in the early afternoon and set about finding somewhere to stay. OC had a tip so we went there and were pleasantly surprised. We stayed at a place called Golden Huts overlooking the River in Pai. A really relaxing place. It was a good choice.

We quickly established ourselves at a bar and had a couple of cheeky cocktails. Dinner followed and then we were given a tip to go to a live music bar called Be Bop... Just down the road... they said... easy to find.... they said... Well.... it wasn't just down the road nor was it easy to find for five people who had no sense of direction.

We walked through the town along the only main road in Pai and bumped int…