Monday, March 30, 2009

The Big Trip

So, I'm t minus one day away from my big adventure around the world. I thought i'd start a blog to capture some of the stuff I get up to while i'm away as well as showcase some of the edited videos of the trip.

I'm definitely stepping out of my comfort zone and can't wait for it to start.

So entering the blogosphere, it's one giant leap for me and one insignificant blot on the landscape for the world.

I promise to try and make this interesting, short enough to be able to read when you have five mins and because my friends are the best family anyone can have over here, they bought me a handycam so I'll be uploading videos of my trip to here.

Enjoy and hope to see you soon.


  1. Good luck Andy!

    We'll be watching!

  2. Are you STILL here!!!???? Great to catch up briefly on Friday although remind me never to join you again when you've been drinking and I'm sober :-)

    Travel safe and be lucky

  3. do you know Eric Monkhouse? He lives in San Fran, why not get in touch with him, he'll be able to take you to decent places. But steer clear of his Yoga.