Tuesday, December 18, 2012

If I was a celeb and the Pap-attack

Sometimes I don't know why I think of things, it just happens. Often, they're quite odd things and I get this weird excited feeling that I might be on to something. I had that feeling the other day.

I was brushing my teeth when a thought popped into my head about how I would handle paparazzi or media intrusion if I was a celebrity... Hmmm.... Part of me thinks that they crave the fame so they deserve all the crap that comes with the territory... But then every now and then a celebrity comes around and actually seems like a decent individual like Matt Damon for example.

Anyway, the revenge gene in me came out and I started to get a little vindictive.

I thought, if someone was following me taking pics and invading my privacy, wouldn't it be an interesting concept to do the same to them. Just imagine they wake up in the morning about to ruin someones life, head to their front door and they're confronted by a whole host of celebrities with cameras taking photos of their every move. Capturing them in their most awkward moments, long range lens in the bathroom, or eating food etc..

You could coin a movement and call it something like celebmob or pap-attack... I can see it now.. They could share the pics online to spread the embarrassment or maybe start a magazine of their own 'The Celebrity Snapper'.

Taking it one step further you could imagine all those editors or writers who pull those features together highlighting the blemishes and chubby areas of a celebs body could have the tables turned on them. Pictures of them with crows feet and muffin tops highlighted would circle the net for all to see...

I wonder....