Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week 26 to 28 (Cauliflower to Aubergine)

Week 26 and time is really flying. 

I started reading a book about being a dad written from the perspective of a father. It was really eye opening. Its called 'The Expectant Dad's Handbook' by Dean Beaumont who started the first antenatal classes for dads. A brilliant idea.

I finished the book in about a week and was really intrigued by how much of an influence we can have as dads in the birth of our child.

I found out that now is the time to start bonding with my son. He can hear my voice and reacts to it. Also, if I read a story to him over and over using our nickname for him (munchkin), that story and my voice will have a calming effect on the little guy when he sees the world.

So, I felt inspired to write my own stories and the first one below is called Munchkin goes to the Farm:

Today munchkin went to the farm. 
He couldn't see the farm
He couldn't feel the farm
But he could hear the farm
From inside mummy's tummy
And everything is safe

At the farm there was a cow 

Munchkin couldn't see the cowAnd he couldn't feel the cow
But he could hear the cow
And the noise the cow made went

At the farm there was a sheep 
Munchkin couldn't see the sheep

And he couldn't feel the sheep
But he could hear the sheep
And the noise the sheep made went

At the farm there was a chicken
Munchkin couldn't see the chicken

And he couldn't feel the chicken
But he could hear the chicken
And the noise the chicken made went
Burgh burgh bukkerkkk

At the farm there was a duck
Munchkin couldn't see the duck

And he couldn't feel the duck
But he could hear the duck
And the noise the duck made went
Quack quack quuuaaack

Then it was time to go
Because mummy was tired
Carrying Munchkin all day
And munchkin was tired
All snug and quiet in mummy's tummy

Where everything is calm 

It was amazing reading this to him for the first time. He really responded to the story, particularly the cow going moo. He sees to respond to those deep bass tones.

The following week I wrote another story called Munchkin goes to the Woods. See below:

Munchkin in the woods               

Munchkin went on an adventure to the woods
He couldn’t see where he went
He couldn’t feel where he went
But he could hear where he went
From inside mummy’s tummy
Where he was all snug and warm

In the woods the wind blew the trees
Munchkin couldn’t see the wind blowing the trees
He couldn’t feel the wind blowing the trees
But he could hear the wind blowing the trees
And the sound it made went
Woosh woosh woosh

In the woods the was an owl calling out to his mate
Munchkin couldn’t see the owl
He couldn’t feel the owl
But he could hear the owl
And the sound it made went
Twitwoo Twitwoo Twitwoo

In the woods the sticks broke under foot
Munchkin couldn’t see the sticks
He couldn’t feel the sticks
But he could hear the sticks
And the sound they made went
Crack crack crack

In the woods a mouse moved in the bushes
Munchkin couldn’t see the mouse
He couldn’t feel the mouse
But he could hear the mouse
And the sound it made went
Rustle rustle rustle

But then it was time to go
Because mummy was starting to feel tired
As she had been carrying munchkin around all day
All tucked away safe and sound
In her tummy…

Again, the little guy was animated when I read the story. 

I've got to think of a new one for next week now....

Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 23 to 25 (papaya to aubergine)

The last couple of weeks, little munchkin has been a lot more active. The other night I pressed my finger into Lena's tummy and the baby gave me a little kick back to let me know he was there.

Those episodes are getting more frequent and you can now actually see the baby kicks whereas before it was just by touch. It makes it all so much more real and brings it home to me that soon, my responsibilities change yet again.

I keep thinking about small insignificant little things like what our new routine will be in the mornings and evenings. Taking the baby and the dogs out for a walk at dusk. I also thought about the first time I take my son out to give mum a break and how I'll cope. It's nerve wracking stuff but something you've just got to get on with and not overthink - overthinking being a particular delight of mine!

We've also been discussing the room decor. I fully realise my role in this will be agreer and sounding board... There will be something Everton in that room though, that's my only aim...

Someone told me recently that when the baby arrives I should make time for Lena to go out and have time away from the baby. It was great advice as I'll get that space when I go to work but for Lena, there's not much chance unless I make it happen and take on the responsibility of freeing her up to go out an enjoy herself once a week.

We're approaching the third trimester now where I start to count down the weeks as opposed to talk about how many have gone. I'm proud to say that I bought a book about Fatherhood. This is one occasion when I have no plans to try and wing it. It's too important to me and I want to accept my limitations. I'm looking forward to reading the book.

Aside from this, the name game has been on constant replay and the house purchase gives us another challenge to escape too. August can't come soon enough!