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Chapter 1 of a book i'm writing - opinions welcome!

Wow, Christmas Day 2013. I have a flight booked to return to UK on Sunday after almost 8 years in Australia. I start a new job on Jan 6 and moving the family over. Furthermore, this post will be the first where I share a segment of my book. A book that I've been writing on and off for almost 18 months. I'd love you to take a look at the first chapter of the book below and let me know your thoughts on the writing.

It's a book observing and exploring social behaviour in a fictional context. The premise is as follows: The UK is engulfed in anti-social behaviour. The public are afraid to visit their town or city centres in the evenings, making them almost trapped in their own homes and something has to be done. A new Government sweeps into power off the back of a promise to reclaim the streets from the thuggery that has plagued them. They research policy after policy and finally turn to science for an answer. They realise they can't change people's behaviour but they …

A quick chat on the train

Had an interesting trip home today. I don't know what it is but you always seem to get into really interesting chats when you bother to interact with strangers. I had one such experience this afternoon on the way back home from work..
The train was delayed, as usual and the thronging masses were increasing by the minute. It was going to be a hot and uncomfortable journey.
Anyway, we got about three stops out and I found myself shuffled next to the door in the strange but customary train stop dance. The one where people always seem to change position at each stop and unsuspecting commuters find themselves quickly in the door spot. The spot where you have to get off and on the train at each stop so that other people can get out. Grrrr.... 
So, at this particular stop I got out as per usual, let people off and then attempted to get back on again. Except, something was pulling me back. I heard a voice from behind me say "You'll be alright now". I turned around and this …