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Week 20 to 22 (cantaloupe to banana to papaya)

The last couple of weeks have seen us in prep mode. We've focused on buying a house so we have a first home for the little one when he arrives as well as buying a pram, highchair, moses basket, cot, changing table and wardrobe.

We went to a baby show the other week and I was amazed at how many prams there were each with their own relative merits and downsides. It became clear pretty quickly that a pram is quite a personal choice. It has to feel right, to fold right. It was almost as complex buying a pram as it was finding a house we liked.

We also had our 20 week scan in this period of time and that was a bit of an intense experience. It's full on and in depth but all was good even if Junior was doing his best at playing hide and seek..

Now we're beyond the half way point, things seem to be moving much more quickly and there's been a significant increase in the amount of people telling us how much our life will change... I'm sure it will, but a consistent life is …

Weeks 18 to 20 (sweet potato to mango to cantaloupe)

Wow so little munchkin is getting more and more active. It's an amazing feeling to sense the little bumps and murmurs. He's particularly mobile after eating, hopefully he doesn't get the Sommer belly!

We found out the gender in a gender scan the other week. It was a bit more nerve-wracking than I thought. I guess a lot of men hope for a baby boy and mum's hope for girls although I'm sure there are differences. I really wanted a boy. Thinking about it, I want to be able to introduce him to the sports I loved playing when I was young. Maybe there's a part of me that is looking to live through my son vicariously.

I find myself lost in thought about all the things we can do together. The song Let it go from Frozen came on the other day and I realised I'd never seen it so I thought about how great it would be to watch that with my son for the first time. Other things, random everyday things will literally stop me in my tracks and move my thoughts onto how this …