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The Free Feel Good and The Clairvoyant Stereotype

It's been an interesting week. I've noticed that I'm getting more discerning, thinking about things and how they make me feel. The other day I caught the train home as I usually do. I joined the other sheep as we were herding on to the train when I noticed a woman standing to the side with a pram waiting to get on the train. 
She was obviously not from Australia and was backing away in a humble but saddening way that made me feel that she didn't see herself as important (or self important) as the suit wearing crowd that were going on their selfish way ignoring all around them.
I don't know if this was chivalry coming out but I couldn't watch this without doing something so I stopped everyone and ushered this woman on to the train. She was taken aback but accepted my offer with a beaming smile that was worth so much more than the simple gesture I'd just outlaid. 
Anyway, the moral of this particular story, and where I was getting to at the beginning of this …

Doing the do!

It makes me laugh.... I have so many things I want to achieve but I'm just a little too lazy to achieve any of them. It's ok though because I can simply blame everything on 'modern society'.

We're just so busy nowadays... we have far too much going on.... we don't leave enough time for ourselves... I would question anyone who says they've never used one of these excuses at least once.

I watched a program a few months ago. It was The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. One of the couples featured had a dog that didn't fit into their lives because they were 'type A' personalities... so much so that they had to keep repeating this as if they were trying to convince themselves.

It said to me that perhaps we all want to do a little more with our lives but when it gets to the 'do' part we struggle. We're very good at talking about how busy we are but we don't actually get round to doing that much. Perhaps that's me the cynic coming ou…