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Day 85 to 86 - Prague (25th June to 26th June)

Prague..... wow... that's all I can say. It's an amazing place. Stunning architecture, lovely little old town squares, beautiful people.... if it wasn't for all the idiots on stag do's it would be almost perfect.

Rich and I were laughing pretty much the whole time we were away. It was great fun and excellent to be able to travel with someone who I have such a laugh with. The flight over was fine, nothing special... Swiss Air is pretty good although they definitely win the most boring sandwiches imaginable competition on the flight.

"Hi, so you're telling me that for lunch it's a choice between a soggy slice of turkey on a damp roll or a soggy piece of cheese on a damp roll.... any garnish at all?"

The chef's brief read like this: So, we'd like you to have the freedom to be creative in your sandwich selection for our passengers... You can create any sandwich you like as long as it only has one ingredient... So, go wild my friend...

Anyway, it was a…

Days 80 to 85 (19th June to 24th June)

I've really not been doing very much recently. I got a fair bit of Dad training at my brothers what with changing Finn's nappy and giving him baths and stuff. I'm glad I could help out and it was great to spend time with Finn. Although there were occasions especially after food with a little more spice to it that I didn't really want to be as close to Finn as I was.... or at least a certain part of him. He did start saying Andy and also Banana which was amazing. He also learnt how to wave when Daddy came home from work...

I have to share this video, it was a secret filming of a great battle between Finn and his car seat.... just makes me laugh so much... he's so determined.

I spent Saturday 20th June helping out Keira at the National Childbirth Trust fete. I was looking after the bottle throwing stall which proved quite popular. I also became an expert at putting up gazebos.... there's got to be a market for that somewhere....

It was actually quite funny because t…

Day 69 to 76 - Stamford Days with Finn

I travelled up to Stamford to see my brother, sister in law and my nephew Finn who's 18 months old. We've had a great time so far.

From UK trip

From UK trip

From UK trip

Finn's learnt how to climb onto the sofa and chairs using my leg as a platform. He then applauds himself when he reaches the his destination at the top of the seat and looks around to make sure everyone else in the room is applauding his achievement too.

He took a particular fancy to the hat I bought from Peru for his soon to be brother... It was a little too small as you can see from this video.

From UK trip

He's moving about like a sprinter. When you get down to his level and open your arms to ask for a cuddle, he thinks about it for a few minutes, weighs up whether he wants to give you a cuddle or not and then screws his face up like an old man and runs towards you with his arms open. It's so funny.

We spent a day at a classic car show in a town called Bourne about 20 minutes from Stamford.

From UK trip

Days 66 to 69 - Back in Blighty (5th to 8th June)

Flew back to UK on Friday 5th June... arrived in the UK and instantly knew it was Summer by the clouds, rain and depressed expressions on people's faces...

Also, another clue that I was back in UK was how I had to pay to use a baggage trolley at the airport. Not only that, the trolley's brake didn't work and it kept steering to one side.... well worth the money I thought....

Didn't do much for the rest of Friday but went out with Gianni and Salv on Saturday night for a few drinks at The Hand & Spear in Weybridge. Took me back to my college days.... Also, had a few pints of Youngs Bitter.... Bitter.... aah i've missed you sweet nectar...

Sunday, I went to watch some cricket down at the local club and, albeit for a few spots of rain, had a very enjoyable day.

Unfortunately, the lack of sunshine has meant I can't top up my tan... I've gone from white back to blue which is a shame after all the effort I put in in Portugal.

Oh, made the amazing discovery while b…

Day 64 and 65 - Portugal (4th and 5th June)

I sunbathed all day yesterday.... it shows as now when I walk along the road, cars immediately grind to a halt... that's how red I am... People are running up to me throwing eggs, steak whatever they can find onto my back and my chest, taking it off only when it reaches the right cooking consistency for them. Some wise men came to the house bearing gifts for me... they saw the glow eminating from the back of my legs and my forehead and thought it was the north star....

I practically bathed in moisturising cream for most of the night.... couldn't sit on any chairs as I kept slipping off.... I have the smoothest skin in the world today but everytime I bend I let out a little whimper.... ouch!!!!

Still, such is life... I managed to upload a whole stack of videos onto my blog so you can see loads of new stuff from Days 43 through to 46, these are the Lares Trail days and there's some lovely scenery as well as a video of cooked Guinea Pig... lovely.

Will be doing Machu Picchu ones…

Day 61 to 63 - Portugal (31st May to 2nd June)

Hi Blog...... how's it going?

Aah.... it felt like being back in Sydney on Sunday evening... we had a BBQ and I was the tongue master.... I moved that food around like a champion... wouldn't let it settle... all the tips I learnt from watching the youtube clip of South African Braai Etiquette... Sam... thanks for sharing the clip with me... always makes me giggle.

Anyway, the food was cooked and no one woke up the next morning feeling sketchy so all in all... a success..

Yesterday, I braved the green of lawn bowls with Mum.. Now i've played the game once before but if Uncle Roscoe can do it then it should be a bit of a breeze I thought. Got to the bowls club and I have to admit to feeling a little nervous.. I did my stretches and lathered up with factor 90+ before stepping on to the hallowed... errr felt carpet.

We started and I tell you what... it's a game of skill and precision.. Roscoe.... i'm in awe... I picked it up and quickly learnt the difference between lawn …