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Day 61 to 63 - Portugal (31st May to 2nd June)

Hi Blog...... how's it going?

Aah.... it felt like being back in Sydney on Sunday evening... we had a BBQ and I was the tongue master.... I moved that food around like a champion... wouldn't let it settle... all the tips I learnt from watching the youtube clip of South African Braai Etiquette... Sam... thanks for sharing the clip with me... always makes me giggle.

Anyway, the food was cooked and no one woke up the next morning feeling sketchy so all in all... a success..

Yesterday, I braved the green of lawn bowls with Mum.. Now i've played the game once before but if Uncle Roscoe can do it then it should be a bit of a breeze I thought. Got to the bowls club and I have to admit to feeling a little nervous.. I did my stretches and lathered up with factor 90+ before stepping on to the hallowed... errr felt carpet.

We started and I tell you what... it's a game of skill and precision.. Roscoe.... i'm in awe... I picked it up and quickly learnt the difference between lawn bowls and ten pin bowling... the aim is not to break the shins of your team captain standing up the other end while smashing that little yellow ball out of the way... Apparently, the aim is to place your bowls... or woods closest to the yellow ball known as the Jack... in an all female game.. is it called the Jill I wonder... hmmmm. Will leave that one for you guys to work out..

So, after a few ends I started getting a little closer but with the wind blowing over you really have to judge it. Overall... I think I did ok.. We drew the first game ten all and then the second we romped home to a 17 - 1 victory. We finished third overall... Nice one.

Roscoe, these photo's are for you:

From Portugal

From Portugal

From Portugal

From Portugal

Mine are the brown balls with yellow stickers by the way.

This is my Mum... good action, nice stance and well positioned release. She's actually really good. Now I sound surprised but Mum has never really shown much sporting prowess before so I was a little taken aback but fair do's... she's almost as good as me.... ha ha... just kidding she'd probably beat me.

From Portugal

From Portugal

So, last night I had a bit of a quiet one... Today, we head down to the neighbours for some Thai food... Thai food yummm.... always reminds me of Sydney, even when I'm eating it in Portugal... Weird that huh.

Oh, to all you music buffs out there... Saxon from my work has just introduced me to Blip FM... It lets you share music with friends and followers and experience new music that they like... Nice one. This is my site.


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