Monday, June 8, 2009

Days 66 to 69 - Back in Blighty (5th to 8th June)

Flew back to UK on Friday 5th June... arrived in the UK and instantly knew it was Summer by the clouds, rain and depressed expressions on people's faces...

Also, another clue that I was back in UK was how I had to pay to use a baggage trolley at the airport. Not only that, the trolley's brake didn't work and it kept steering to one side.... well worth the money I thought....

Didn't do much for the rest of Friday but went out with Gianni and Salv on Saturday night for a few drinks at The Hand & Spear in Weybridge. Took me back to my college days.... Also, had a few pints of Youngs Bitter.... Bitter.... aah i've missed you sweet nectar...

Sunday, I went to watch some cricket down at the local club and, albeit for a few spots of rain, had a very enjoyable day.

Unfortunately, the lack of sunshine has meant I can't top up my tan... I've gone from white back to blue which is a shame after all the effort I put in in Portugal.

Oh, made the amazing discovery while booking train tickets from Peterborough to Leeds that it's actually cheaper to book two singles than a return... Glad to see the rail service in the UK hasn't risked a change to becoming more customer friendly while i've been away.... Just struck me as slightly odd that.

Anyway, enough grumbling... I went up to London today (Monday) to get my visa for India. It was actually really nice to see the old place again. Bonus was, got in and out of the visa place in 30mins... result.

I felt like a right tourist though because I took my video camera to London and filmed a few places. (The video camera that the most amazing people in Sydney bought me for my trip thanks Em, Kieran, Jules, Suze, Sam, Hank, Dan, Sal, Clive and Louise... you superstars).

I took some film of Trafalgar Square, Waterloo, The River Thames and Houses of Parliament for the blog. It brought back a few memories and I have to admit I did miss the place a little.

Anyway, off to see my brother, Keira and the sunshine of my life... little Finn... my nephew tomorrow for a couple of weeks... I can't wait... He's motoring around like a good'un... Should help me loose the pounds I gained drinking the bitter on Saturday night... :)

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