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Days 80 to 85 (19th June to 24th June)

I've really not been doing very much recently. I got a fair bit of Dad training at my brothers what with changing Finn's nappy and giving him baths and stuff. I'm glad I could help out and it was great to spend time with Finn. Although there were occasions especially after food with a little more spice to it that I didn't really want to be as close to Finn as I was.... or at least a certain part of him. He did start saying Andy and also Banana which was amazing. He also learnt how to wave when Daddy came home from work...

I have to share this video, it was a secret filming of a great battle between Finn and his car seat.... just makes me laugh so much... he's so determined.

I spent Saturday 20th June helping out Keira at the National Childbirth Trust fete. I was looking after the bottle throwing stall which proved quite popular. I also became an expert at putting up gazebos.... there's got to be a market for that somewhere....

It was actually quite funny because the British Lions were playing the first test against South Africa on the same day and you could all see the Dad's eager to win favours to be able to get home to watch it. They all came out with their little ones playing the perfect Dad in order to get off before the game started.... Well that all changed as soon as the entertainment arrived in the form of a dance teacher teaching the kids hip hop and street dancing.

Let's just say she kept the Dad's entertained with her figure hugging clothes and flexible moves... You could see all the Dad's begging their little angels to have a try at dancing....

"Go on darling... you'll really enjoy dancing.... Daddy will wait right here and watch you..."

You could almost hear it collectively.

Then they sat down on the grass watching the dance instructor strutt her stuff all hoping for a little glance.... a little show of interest from the dance instructor so they could feel as though they still got it..... It was quite interesting... much like a social experiment.... Then little Paris or Britney came back to Daddy smiling with glee...

"Did you see me.... did I do well Daddy?"

"Errr yeah... sure.... you were great darling..." Liars. Ha ha.. and they all forgot about the rugby match.

I won the guess the number of sweets in the jar competition which I was pretty chuffed about. I guessed 203 and there were 201 in there. Get in... Glad i'm not competitive.

I headed down to London with Mum on the Saturday and went out for a couple of beers with Del, Chris and Rob. I don't know what it was but Latin America has really taken hold of me. When Chris mentioned he knew a Salsa Bar around the corner just off Oxford Street I almost sprinted to it. It unfortunately didn't live up to expectations but we did go to a nice Spanish bar just around the corner. All in all, I had a good night and it was great catching up with the guys chatting about old times etc.

From Prague and London

Sunday I went to breakfast with Del and Alicia... we went to this lovely little cafe on Clapham High Street. They have loads of different varieties of bread available and you can help yourself to it. We then headed into town and met up with Steve from Sydney. Ended up going to out for a curry in Clapham Junction to finish off a lovely day. A big thanks to Del and Alicia for looking after me... Cheers guys.

Other than that, i've done very little. I got my Indian visa on Monday and managed to retrieve my passport through deception which was great. They only allow passport pick up between 1 and 4pm. It was 11am and I was buggered if I was going to hang around for a couple of hours in Victoria so I told them I had to travel to Zurich on business that evening for an urgent business trip... Worked a treat... ha ha suckers...

I also went past my favourite Thai restaurant in London, it's just off Kings Road and it really understands the size (and appetite) of it's client base very well.... all you can eat for £5 perhaps???

From Prague and London

The last couple of days at Mum's have been relaxing. I'm looking forward to going to Prague tomorrow with Jeg.. Hopefully there'll be a few stories to add to the blog... watch this space.


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