Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 64 and 65 - Portugal (4th and 5th June)

I sunbathed all day yesterday.... it shows as now when I walk along the road, cars immediately grind to a halt... that's how red I am... People are running up to me throwing eggs, steak whatever they can find onto my back and my chest, taking it off only when it reaches the right cooking consistency for them. Some wise men came to the house bearing gifts for me... they saw the glow eminating from the back of my legs and my forehead and thought it was the north star....

I practically bathed in moisturising cream for most of the night.... couldn't sit on any chairs as I kept slipping off.... I have the smoothest skin in the world today but everytime I bend I let out a little whimper.... ouch!!!!

Still, such is life... I managed to upload a whole stack of videos onto my blog so you can see loads of new stuff from Days 43 through to 46, these are the Lares Trail days and there's some lovely scenery as well as a video of cooked Guinea Pig... lovely.

Will be doing Machu Picchu ones today hopefully.

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