Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 27 and 28 - Buenos Aires

I forgot to mention in my blog post yesterday that when I went to the Drs to get myself checked out for being a swine.... errr I mean having suspected swine flu that the Dr asked me a series of questions... one of them had me struggling to maintain my composure, he asked me:

"And how are you poo poos and wee wees?"

Now, in fairness my Spanish is about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike but I was almost in stitches... I guess the terms number 1s and number 2s haven´t made it to Buenos Aires yet.

On Monday evening I had planned to go on the pub crawl but ended up playing the ´Things´game (thanks again for that one Banana) with Georgina and Sam (England), Gillian (Scotland), Gabe (US) and my room mates Clive and Bec (Australia mate). We played until about 1am and then I endeavoured to teach Georgina how to play pool.... it was err.... entertaining.

From Andy´s Travels Mid April to Early May

From Andy´s Travels Mid April to Early May

From Andy´s Travels Mid April to Early May

The weird thing is that Georgina is from the town next to where I was from, she lived in West Byfleet and was born in St Peters Hospital, the same place the little miracle that is me was born, albeit a few months before me. We were chatting about all the places we went to, pubs, clubs etc. Ok, i´ll say it.... small world huh.

The next day I did the walking tour around Buenos Aires. It really is a beautiful city. I spoke broken Spanish to a very kind and beautiful stall holder in a market. She let me film her and the stalls so I bought something from her for Lib and the Quinns.... You´ll see....

I realised quickly that almost everyone in BA is beautiful.... Being here, I´m kind of bringing the average down but you walk along the street and everyone has a kind of grace and beauty which is so natural....

My tour guides then took me to the Pink House where Evita made her famous speeches from in the 1950s.

The guides then kept looking over to my left and saying tremendous, tremendous almost drooling.... I took a look and there were 5 buxom Venezuelan women in tight dresses looking amazing... Gratuitous expressions of lust seem to be part of everyday life in Buenos Aires. Difficult concept for an awkward Englishman to understand but I´m getting there.

Last night I went out for dinner just by the river with my other room mate Colin (Ireland) who I first met in Mendoza bizarrely. It is a very nice spot similar to Darling Harbour but not quite as touristy.

I also booked in for tango classes and a show on Wednesday night and the Boca Juniors match on Thursday.... get in... bought a Juan Roman Riquelme Boca shirt and will wear it with pride at the game...



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