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Day 24 and 25 - Mendoza

Wow, internet connection here is pretty poor so I'll have to combine two days into one. I got to Mendoza at about 9am on 24th April. It's a nice enough town... I got to my room and wanted to have a shower after the 16 and a half hour bus journey. Another empty four bed room, result I thought. The shower was great and I was about to step out of the bathroom in my pants and take a nap when I heard two female voices..... Aaahhh..... slight problem, there's me in my pants looking like a basted chicken on account of my lack of tan about to offend two girls who are sharing my room.

I plucked (pardon the chicken pun) up the courage to leave the bathroom.... strolled proudly into the bedroom and profusely apologised.... After the initial shock wore off, they introduced themselves as Pamela (Chile) and Maike (Germany).

Since then, we've got on like a house on fire. I spent yesterday afternoon walking around the town with them building up the appetite for the all you can eat BBQ the hostel was hosting last night. Oh my, I had so much to eat. I think I got through about 6 pieces of steak. It was superb. It was then all about the drinking and dancing at a club. Couldn't believe it when I got to the club, the first person I bumped into there was Rochana who I met in Santiago. Also actually bumped into Charlie who I met in Bariloche at the BBQ. A night of re-acquaintances.

Woke up this morning at about midday after getting to bed at 4am. Have done nothing so far today other than watch football. I was chatting to some of the guys from the hostel and it turns out that last night didn't go as smoothly for everyone. Felix, an English guy here, tried to find his friends last night and was convinced they were in a club. The bouncers wouldn't let him in so he decided to scale the wall by the club and climb onto the roof to find an alternative access point. After dropping through a sky light he found himself in the staff room. They all gave him a beating and he was arrested by the police. Spent the night in a cell before being released this morning.

Found the energy to walk to the supermarket with Maike this afternoon to prepare our first meal of the day. Lazy, I know. I'm very pleased to say that I managed to create a spag bol for everyone. Don't think i'll achieve much else today. Will see.


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