Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 21 - Puerto Varas to Bariloche

Bit of a travel filled day today. I got up around 9ish and had breakfast. Jumped on the net and went off to video the view over Lake Llanquehue in Puerto Varas while the day was clear.

Noalys helped me to get money changed and provisions for my bus journey. The bus was a little basic but comfortable. The Green Mile in Spanish is actually a very entertaining watch....

The scenery we passed on the 7 hour bus ride is just idyllic. Mountains meet lakes with magnificent proud trees scattered between. A real joy to behold.

I met Jon and Carly from Brighton on the bus and we went for some food and a couple of Quilmes (Argentinian beer). The Hostel Inn in Bariloche is nice, clean and has excellent views over the lake to the mountains on the far side.

It´s about 70 steps to get up to reception but should keep me fit.

Today, we hire a car and drive to the black glacier. The sound of the ice cracking is supposed to resemble thunder. I´ll try and get it recorded for you guys. Can´t wait.....

Oh, I managed to lock myself in the toilet this morning. Great start to the day.

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