Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 17 to 18 - Santiago

So, I decided to stay in Santiago an extra night and will take the bus to Puerto Varas tonight. I ended up spending four hours in the internet cafe uploading video and images to attach to this blog. Completely forgot the time and ended up not having enough time to catch the bus.

I didn´t do much last night. Read a tour book on Chile and Peru, read my book which has been a little neglected and listened to music. Went to bed around 10pm. Still have this damn cough annoying me so I didn´t get much sleep. The bus this evening should be fun.

I decided because I am still a little sick that I´d splash out a bit. I bought a ticket for a premier seat for the bus. It folds down like a bed and I think i´m on the fifth floor. I´m sure that´s what the guy at the ticket desk said. We had a great conversation, unfortunately in two very different languages....

Will see tonight.

Walked out of the metro at Bellas Artes (the metro stop near Hostel Andes where i´m staying) after buying the bus tickets and heard a bit of a commotion. Hundreds of motorbikes riding in unison, beeping horns in protest against unfair treatment on Santiago´s roads in comparison to cars.... It was quite a sight. That´s the second protest march i´ve seen in Santiago and I´ve only been here three days.

Hopefully i´ll have some stunning footage to share with you from Puerto Varas. It´s 13 hours by bus from Santiago and is known as the Chilean Lake District. Volcanos, lakes, treks and fishing.... aah, I can almost feel the many cerveza´s falling off my gut now... Health, fitness, nature.... we have become uncommon compatriots but I will soon know you well again....


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