Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 12 and 13 - Mexico City

Day 12 was a bit of a blur. Didn't really do much today other than sleep. Had real tacos in Coyoacan which was great.

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Day 13, I went to the pyramids in Mexico with some of the guys from the hostel.

Teotihuacan is an amazing place (hope that's how it's spelt).

We climbed to the top and the view was just out of this world.

From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

Also had my first experience of the metro in Mexico City. Didn't realise I had please stare at me tattoo'd on my forehead.

Spent most of the day there and it was steaming hot. Was delighted to head off at around 2pm as I was in severe danger of getting a tan.

I officially bought my first novelty souvenier. A clay ornament in the shape of a jaguar that makes a jaguar noise when you blow in it. Couldn't have spent $3 any wiser. Some Swiss girls we met showed me how to play clay based souvenier ornaments... check it out:

Having a few drinks with the guys from the hostel this evening before heading to Santiago tomorrow.

I've officially given up on finding somewhere to upload videos in Mexico City. Nightmare.

Anyway, must rush off.


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  1. I knew you would love Mexico City - so glad. Its where I was born! Take it all in - its an amazing city and an amazing people. There is an old world romance to it all - perhaps you will find that too amongst the salsa, bars and steamy nights. Cheers big ears!