Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 19 - Puerto Varas

I made my way down to Puerto Varas last night by coach. The coach was suprisingly comfortable. I opted for Premium class which is the top notch business. It meant I got a fully flat bed. I managed about 4 or 5 hours sleep which was pretty handy.

I woke up at about 6.15am and looked out of the window to see beautiful rolling countryside and the most amazing misty fog. There was about a metre gap between the ground and the start of the band of fog. It was hanging there like a banner. Never seen anything like it before. I tried to video it but I don´t think i did a good job.

Anyway, I got to Puerto Varas at about 8.15am. I got off the bus and looked around.

I saw dead bushes rolling past but that was about it. No sign of anything. I was tired, it was about 10 degrees and I wanted a shower.

So, stinky went off to seek comfort by the roadside and sure enough, a smiling Chilean man swung past in his taxi. I showed him the colour of my money and he agreed to take me to the hostel. About three laps of the city later,

and a very beautiful place it is too, the guy accepted defeat and asked a fellow cabbie where the address was.

I made it for the princely sum of 2 of her majesty´s finest pounds. Nice one.

Got in and I have to say the Compass Del Sur is a lovely bed and breakfast. I have my own room, as I still have the nagging cough going on and didn´t want to disturb anyone´s peaceful sleep. The receptionist is quite possibly the happiest person in the world. She literally skipped around the joint as she gave me the tour. This is actually a German influenced place so my conversational German has helped me a fair bit.

I met Rob from Brighton and we went to watch the FA Cup semi final between the mighty Everton and some bunch of wasters called Man Utd. Jay, you´re so lucky I don´t know you´re number off by heart otherwise you would have received a rude awakening of a phone call. Walking down into the town centre was a pleasure. Puerto Varas is situated on the south west corner of lake Llanquihue with a perfect view of the Osorno volcano and Calbuco volcano. Just stunning. I was staring in awe at the amazing sight. Tomorrow I climb Osorno and peer into a crater. Get in....

Plus, Man Utd crumbled to the mighty Toffees so the day has so far been a goodun. Rob and I are going out for a couple of beers this evening and have agreed to venture to the casino and spend a total of 10 pounds each.

Will tell you about it tomorrow.



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