Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 7 and 8 - Vegas to Dallas

So, I re-read my last post and realised that I possibly needed to explain the Russian Prostitute part as it didn't read too well. I put in the conversation which made me look like an idiot as well as some other stuff about the somewhat hazy evening at Playboy Club.

Day 7 - Las Vegas

Today is my last day in Vegas. I went down to see all the big casinos to check them all out and took some pics.

From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

I met up with a few 60 to 70 year olds from Minnesota waiting in line for the Double Deuce bus and asked them if that was where Wizard of Oz was set. They said it was Kansas to which I replied "Wow, so you've got lots of flying houses there right?" breaking what seemed like a lengthy silence one of them replied... "No sonny, all are houses are fixed to the ground. We get tornados real regular you see."

"Oh right, thanks. That's err... interesting." Thank god the bus arrived at that moment.

I did some more gambling and spent my $100 limit without as much luck as yesterday. Killed some time and then Amanda played the perfect tour guide taking me out to have some excellent Thai food and then to a place called Piano Bar. It was great fun. There's two guys playing piano and singing songs that the crowd have bid for. The aim is to pick a song that is popular enough for it to be played through to the finish as people can bid to have the song stopped and if they outbid you, that's the end of your song. I put some money down for Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison and it got through to the end. He shoots and scores!!!

All in all, I had an excellent last night in Vegas. Really enjoyed myself.

My only Vegas regret is that I didn't take a plane trip to see the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. Imagine my delight when we set off for Dallas and the plane flew straight over both Hoover Dam and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Result.
From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

At Dallas Airport, I went to collect my bags and this guy was showing these 9 week old King Charles Cavallier Spaniels to someone who wanted to buy one. They were so cute and he let me hold one. Made my day.

From Travel Around the World

First night in Dallas was a sleep fest. Had to catch up on all the zzzz's I didn't get in Vegas. Overall, I had a great time in Vegas. You can do whatever you want there. I saw a guy so drunk at 3pm he was trying to haul himself up from the ground using a bin as a prop. Pure class! In Vegas, it's just as easy to lose yourself as it is your money. I saw so many people who looked like they had gone to Vegas for a weekend and never left.


  1. Tell me about it Larks. An amazing place. Hey, I got a picture especially for you in San Francisco. You'll see. :)