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Days 3 and 4 - San Fran/LA

Forgive me blog for I have sinned, it's been two days since my last post. So, Thursday in San Francisco, I had a couple of interesting experiences. The first one was on the bus back from The Haight.

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If I would have been asked, what's the weirdest experience you'll have in San Fran, I would have been a million miles away from this. (PS, check out the second poll for what to do in Las Vegas at the bottom of the blog - Spectrum people, I think you might find one of the options funny as we talked about it before I left)

So, I was on the 71 bus to Market Street from The Haight. On hopped a one legged lesbian (her girlfriend was on the bus with her but sat at the back) with a pit bull who took a liking to my knee (the pit bull that is). She had piercings everywhere and a tattoo on her head. Next to her sat an old hippy, and opposite them a vietnam war veteren. Not a very likely bunch of people to see engaged in conversation. I was there, minding my own business, praying the pit bull would not slobber on my knee anymore when I overheard the conversation between the three passengers, none of who knew each other before the bus journey. It goes something like this:

Hippy: "That's a cute dog."

Lesbian: "So I've got to get a gift for one of my girlfriends and I really want to make her blush."

Hippy: "You should check out that new store downtown, The (something something) sex shop, they got some great shit."

Veteren: "Is that a pit bull.... Don't think much of pit bulls.... I know the store, got some strange people going in there..."

Lesbian: "Yeah it's a pit bull. Won't hurt you though." (much to my relief as it was still interested in my knee!)

Hippy: "You can get your girl some of those things.... you know that girls use to get off...."

Veteren: "Oh yeah, those balls, what are they called.... some kind of bead."

Lesbian: "Love beads, yeah, they'd be cool. I'll get those."

Andy: "Next stop please driver."

That night, we went on the Hostel pub crawl. I think I mentioned that before but I just wanted to say hello to Vera and Nikki the two german girls who humoured me as I practised my pigeon german on them. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the rest of your trip.

So, San Fran airport, the second experience, this one's a little more cute. I was sat down waiting to board the plane to LA when a thai family sat behind me. There was Mum, Dad and a little boy about 3 years old. I was playing my PSP and I could see him looking at me. I had a drink next to me and my legs crossed minding my own business. He picked up a bottle of water from his mum and sat down next to me, placed the bottle of water next to mine and crossed his legs mimicking me precisely, all the time looking at me. His mum and dad were smiling and said, he likes you. He's usually very shy. So I offered the little boy a pen and paper to see if he wanted to draw.... he just looked at me.... I offered him a map with pictures in it to look at..... he continued to look at me. His mum said, see, he's very shy. So, I carried on playing my PSP. The boy sat still next to me for about ten mins and then got up and started positioning himself so he could see the screen of the PSP to see what game I was playing. He kept edging closer and closer, his mum and dad were laughing at this scene.... he got closer and closer and his nose was almost touching the screen, he had hold of my arm and he was pulling it so the screen would move round and he was leaning with his elbow on my knee. It was the funniest thing I've seen.... very sweet and made me think about how great travelling is for meeting so many different types of people.

So, on to LA and i'll be quick because i've spent a fortune already on the internet writing the novel above. First night in LA, was feeling rough from the previous two heavy drinking nights so I decided to have a quiet one. The Custom Hotel i'm staying at is cool. I've got some videos which i'll try and upload now of San Fran and LA but the Hotel is very LA. Each time you get in the elevator, a different audio track from a famous film plays as you get out and in the lift. There are pictures of dogs everywhere. Lots of mood lighting and five life size fake sheep in the lobby.....

Thanks to my mate Grant who took me out sightseeing today and showed me the real LA. Amazing place and the people have been so friendly.

From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

The Getty Museum was pretty cool too.

From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow and I can't wait. It's going to be great. Vote on the poll below and i'll do a video to prove i've done what was voted for.

If you got this far in this post, thanks for persevering. If not, I can say anything about you right now and you wouldn't know...




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