Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 5 and 6 - Las Vegas

So, finished my first day in Las Vegas. It was a typical Vegas day. Thanks to Amanda who got me on the guestlist at Playboy club at The Palms. It was a pretty interesting evening. I met a few people but actually found myself in the middle of a party that the Spearmint Rhino strip club girls were having. Very bizarre. I was then propositioned by a Russian prostitute called Sasha. She must have thought that I was a bit of a tool because she came up to me and after the classic getting to know you chat, where you from, what's your name, are you enjoying Vegas etc, she said:

"$350 will get you a good time in Vegas."

to which I replied:

"Oh really, I've only spent about $100 so far and have really enjoyed myself."

She looked a little confused and then said:

"No, I mean $350 will leave you very happy for an hour."

to which I replied:

"Sorry, what exactly are you saying."

Her response:

"Are you the police?"

"Aah, I said, you mean $350 for an hour with you. No thanks."

Andy exited stage right!

I then had a picture taken with a Playboy bunny,
From Travel Around the World

played poker with a girl from Spearmint Rhino called Chani
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and finally got home about 5am. As I said, quite a typical Vegas night.

I went to Las Vegas Old Town today and did some gambling today on Wheel of Fortune and met Amanda and Angela who were great and helped a naive English guy out who hadn't gambled before. Thanks for your patience. Spent $40 and left with $60. Get in...

From Travel Around the World

From Travel Around the World

1 day left in Vegas tomorrow and I'm going to try and catch a show.

Will see what happens.

My budget is so blown!



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