Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 43 cont and 44 - Ollantaytambo (13th and 14th May)

So, after Chinchero we went to Ollantaytambo to see the Inca ruins on the mountain. What a picture postcard place... So beautiful.

That night.... oh dear... Don´t want to be too descriptive here guys but let´s just say that the night before my big trek starts... the absolute last thing I want to happen... the heavens opened in my bathroom.... yes.... I was spray painting the royal doulton for most of the night... I got no sleep and felt like crap.... food poisoning.

The next morning, 14th May, I was advised to have some black tea and lots of gatorade... I met my other tour group and got on the minibus, almost certain I was coming straight back as soon as the next wave of food poisoning came over me... The good thing about the trip from Ollantaytembo to Lares was that it was 3 hours in a minibus over a bumpy stoney road. Perfect... thanks God... we did stop in a couple of places with squat toilets... It was close to becoming my perfect day.

On the way we stopped off at a place with hot springs... I actually felt a little better and went for a dip. Got out and felt like someone was exploding fire crackers in my belly... bwwrrrrrerrr (don´t even know what sound that makes)

Cynthia, our wonderful tour guide suggested I drink some Oregano tea.... It will settle your stomach... our honest and very caring tour guide told me.. Really, It looks like Castor Oil... are you sure... I said.

Of course, said the honest and nurturing tour leader.... So, I got into it... Ummm this is quite nice, I said...

Then.... three quarters of the way through... I uttered the words... oh jesus... the feeling was like a volcano exploding in my stomach.... I ran to somewhere of relative quiet and promptly threw up four times.... right into the water source of the local community.. Nice one sunshine.. way to improve anglo-peruvian relations...

I made a hasty exit and felt incredibly much better but vowing never to trust Cynthia again..

Next stop.... the Lares Trail...

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