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Day 36 - Rio de Janeiro

Last night was a laugh. It took a while to make a decision where to go but we finally got ourselves sorted and went to a place called The House. So called because it is in a house. They´re very clever these club owners...

We almost didn´t make it. The taxi driver was hell bent on veering into a car en route. He was a little surprised to see the car, a very obvious large white one, on a road in a city as busy as Rio... I can understand where he went wrong...

Anyway, we got in the club and it was an interesting place. You don´t actually pay until you leave so what happens is you have a card you take around... it´s more of a piece of paper.... you have to keep the card and the bar staff mark the card next to the drink you had. You then pay at the end. It´s dangerous because if you lose the card you have to pay a set fee... sketchy huh.

From Rio disposable camera

From Rio disposable camera

A swedish girl came up to me and was very drunk... she was convinced I was Swedish... I told her I knew one word of Swedish which was the number 7 but she didn´t believe me... A little bit weird actually. Other than that, it was a good night and all the guys enjoyed themselves. It was a bit weird dancing on the dance floor later in the night... the floor was so sticky it was almost like I was dancing in slow motion.....

From Rio disposable camera

Today we went to check out Copacabana and Ipanema beaches. There were a lot of arse cheeks on show. G-strings are pretty popular over this way i´ve noticed....

Tonight, we check out a sports bar down the road from here. Looking forward to that.



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