Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 48 and 49 - Cusco (18th and 19th May)

It´s getting a tad parky in Cusco. Glad I bought that fleece for 15 pounds the other day. Wise purchase indeed. Temperature must be in single figures in the evenings. Brrrr

So, I´m really just biding my time in Cusco until I fly to Madrid on Friday. I´ve had 8 hours of spanish lessons so far and it´s starting to make more sense. It´s always difficult trying to learn a new language when you chat to English speaking people all of the time so I need to force myself to chat to only Spanish speaking people to help me practice.

I met Kate from UK at my hotel on Monday so we went out for dinner that evening. A quiet dinner turned into a few drinks at Paddy´s Irish Pub where we met Georgie and Arturo (from my trek group) as well as a few others. This then turned into yet more drinks at a club called Mama Africas and another club called Mythology... Another 3am finish..... Still it was good fun.

Tuesday I didn´t really do much... had a four hour Spanish lesson and then I changed hostels and am now staying in the Loki Hostel. It´s just a big party place essentially. Good fun though... We went out last night for a few drinks and ended up at Mama Africas and Mythology again. 5.30am finish this time. Am feeling a little worse for wear today but have done my Spanish homework so roll on another 4 hour lesson.

Hasta Leugo Amigos...

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