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Day 31 and 32 - Buenos Aires

Didn´t do much yesterday. Trying to recover from lots of nights out, no sleep and food on the run. Pretty much went out for food yesterday and then messed around at the hostel. Went out for dinner with Sam and Georgina to a really nice restaurant for yet more steak. My heart is currently not talking to me on account of red meat abuse. Oops. Georgina and I then went out in search of Guinness and came up with the local stout. It was errr.... entertaining. To say that it danced on my tongue would be a little incorrect. More of a ugly waddle on my taste buds but it did the job.

I quickly realised that Latin America and particularly Buenos Aires runs on a different time clock. Breakfast seems to be around 11am or 12pm, lunch around 4 or 5pm, dinner at 10pm ish and then out for drinks until 6am. Apparently, people go to work from the clubs on a Friday. Thurs, Fri and Sat are big party nights. Crazy...

The spanish is working reasonably ok. I've been practising. I learnt how to call the referee a gay prostitute at the Boca Juniors match which was a crowning moment in my pursuit of a new language. I can also tell a dog that it has beautiful ears which is slightly concerning.

So today I went to Tigre with Sam and Georgina. Tigre is about an hour north of Buenos Aires and is a bit like Richmond on Thames.

Life focuses on the River and the buildings are quite magnificent in parts. This evening, I party like it's 1999. I'm going to a club called Crobar on account of the tools you need to take with you when you go there. Not a rough place but it´s certainly entertaining. Just kidding, it's actually one of the best clubs in BA. Electronica and Latin music. Should be good fun.

Anyway, got to go.



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