Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Days 43 - Chinchero (13th May)

Forgive me blog but it has been 3 days or so since my last entry.... my excuse... I have been up on a mountain... or quite a few mountains actually since we last entertained each other...

So, Day 43 was 13th May... we went to the Sacred Valley and saw people making textiles, chocolate, ceramics etc...

(There's more dye making videos on my YouTube page. You can access them when you click through to the others.)

I also had my first taste of Guinea Pig.... I know, I know.... poor little fluffy guinea pigs but truth be told, I had one as a pet as a youngster and all the bugger did for me was piss on my leg and die of frost so while there was some guilt attached.... it passed pretty quickly.

Tasted like chicken.... doesn´t everything strange like that...

Person 1: "I had rabbit the other day..."
Person 2: "What did it taste like?"
Person 1: "A little bit like chicken."

Person 1: "I ate pigeon the other day.."
Person 2: "What did it taste like?
Person 1: "A little bit like chicken."

Andy: "I had Guinea Pig the other day."
Someone who is reading this (I know you´re out there): "Really, what did it taste like?"
Andy: "Err Chicken... the most common taste of meat on the planet."

We actually went to another town in the Sacred Valley to watch the chocolate and ceramics making... on the local bus there we heard the sound of cats coming out of a bag... honest...

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