Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 40 - Rio to Lima (10th May)

I left Rio early this morning a little jaded after no sleep and feeling sorry to leave the place.... I will definitely be back.

My flight was at 4.10am so I arranged a taxi from the Walk on the beach hostel at 1.30am. The hostel, btw, is excellent. I would highly recommend it.

The taxi driver turned up at 1.20am and proceeded to give Jenson Button a run for his money on the way to the airport. We did the 30min journey in 17mins. I think we were on two wheels at one point.

Funny story, I went out with Tharcia to the movies and for dinner. We watched Man on Wire which is an excellent film.... even if part of it was in French and I was reading Portuguese subtitles. Anyway, I got the bus back from Botafogo to Copacabana, about a 15 to 20min journey (or 5 mins if you got the taxi driver who took me to the airport, actually, I think I got his brother.... traffic light... what traffic light). I decided to get the bus as I had no money left... The bus was errr... entertaining... this guy drove the bus as fast as the taxi driver.. it was crazy...

He went so quickly that by the time I asked errr.... are we at Copacabana, we pulled up at Leblon, two suburbs away...

It was 1am and I had 30mins to get back for my cab.... The bus driver and his colleague told me to hang around at the bus stop. It was pitch black, I was in Rio with my last 50reals on me for the taxi to the airport and I was miles away from my hostel.... great news....

The next thing I know, the two guys had a chat to their boss, jumped in one of the vacant buses and beckoned me over.... I try to muster up as much goodwill about the human spirit as I could and went for it.... I got on the bus and they drove me to my hostel like a taxi.... it was amazing, in 15mins also. I owe those guys a lot.. Just made it for my cab.... Perfecto...

Anyway... the flights from Rio to Sao Paulo and Sao Paulo to Lima were fortunately uneventful. Got to my hostel in Lima and had a snooze. The best thing in the world happened to me also today.... I had a hot shower... you may not realise this but that is like finding a pot of gold to a traveller.... hot shower. Like the nectar of the heavens... amazing.

Anyway, will get some dinner and go to bed early tonight. Big day tomorrow. Can´t wait.


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