Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 50 - Cusco

Coming to the end of my time in South America. I´ve really had an amazing time. Each place i´ve been to has had something utterly unique about it and I will definitely return here someday.

Just winding down now really. Yesterday I had my Spanish lesson and then had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I met two girls who are about to do the Lares Trail so I helped them out with some info and then took them to the shop I bought my fleece from. The fleece I now refer to as the fleece of life for if I didn´t have it on the trek I think I would have frozen to death.

Last night I met Evan (Ireland) and Adam and Loken (Israel). We just stayed in the Hostel bar and had a quiet one. Everyone seemed to be suffering from a big one the previous night. Accept for Ryan of course. He´s from Northern Ireland and I can´t say that i´ve ever seen him sobre. He´s hilarious. Last night he went out to a club carrying a metre long candle. An interesting accessory I thought. I could imagine the bouncers at the club really pondering whether a candle was something you shouldn´t bring in to the club. This morning he woke up in someone elses bed, they moved to his bed and he picked up the candle and said:

"Where did this come from?"

I said: "Life must be full of surprises for you Ryan, you must wake up each morning in amazement at the latest tacky souvenir purchase you made the night before..."

"It´s true" he said as he picked up a clown mask made of felt material and looked at it curiously.... "Where did this come from...." he said.

Classic. Two nights ago we had to carry him to the dorm because he was insistent the bar should stay open.... Four of us tried to lift him into bed... it was an interesting experience.

Today, I have my final Spanish lesson and then I go to some Salsa lessons. Tonight is my last official night in South America so I´ve got to go out I think. It´s only right.... we´ll see...

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