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Week 31 to 32 (weight of a coconut and size the length of a kale)

Things have started arriving. We already had the nappies, 8 months supply of these new naturally harmonious organic, decaf, soy, Toyota Prius esque nappies that decompose and turn instantly into pretty little flowers. That's what I heard anyway when they were described to me but in essence they just take less time to decompose than disposables and you can wash the outside. They're called gNappies.

We also got the pram, pushchair, wardrobe, cot and change table. Lena can see exciting stuff that makes our journey to being parents that step closer. I can see instruction manuals and screws left on the nursery floor that really do have a home, we just don't know where. I am looking forward to moving home and making the nursery though but I know we're still 5 weeks from starting.

Lots to think of before then. Munchkin is exploring every inch of mum's tummy and sometimes appears to be engaging in a solo boot camp routine as elbows, feet, a head and a bottom appear at various intervals while mum tries to find comfort in bed.

I can already see the positive impact maternity leave has had. Lena looks so much more relaxed and comfortable. The dogs love having mum home all the time and she's now got time to plan stuff out properly. She's already packed her bag for the hospital. That brought home a realisation of just how close we are.

I also wrote another story to read to Munchkin the bump:

Munchkin goes to the zoo

Today Munchkin went to the zoo
He couldn't see where he was going
And he couldn't feel where he was going
But he could hear where he was going
From inside mummy's tummy
Where he was wriggling around
when mummy was eating

At the zoo there were some Lions
Munchkin couldn't see the lions
He couldn't feel the lions
But he could hear the lions
and the sound they made went

At the zoo there was an elephant
Munchkin couldn't see the elephant
He couldn't feel the elephant
But he could hear the elephant
and the sound it made went

At the zoo there was a bear
Munchkin couldn't see the bear
He couldn't feel the bear
But he could hear the bear
and the sound it made went

At the zoo there was a snake
Munchkin couldn't see the snake
He couldn't feel the snake
But he could hear the snake
and the sound it made went

At the zoo there was a monkey
Munchkin couldn't see the monkey
He couldn't feel the monkey
But he could hear the monkey
and the sound it made went
Oooh ooohh ooooh aah aah aah

But then it was time to leave
Because the zoo was about to close
And mummy was tired
From carrying munchkin around all day
In her tummy
All warm and safe

We're trying to organise a couple of baby showers along with moving house and continuing to perform our normal daily responsibilities. My heads spinning but according to my dear friends that's nothing compared to what's to come. I still think we'll manage ok but I do get that nagging doubt that I'm slightly deluded.

I guess nothing can prepare you for the experience we're about to have other than the experience itself. Each person and each situation is so different that you have to take the advice, guidance, news articles, guide books and general conversations with a pinch of salt.

It does seem like everything I read or watch has some element of becoming a parent attached to it. It's almost cruel.....

Still loving the journey though and can't wait to meet you little Munchkin.


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