Monday, February 16, 2015

Becoming a dad - Weeks 12 to 13 (size Peach)

Weeks 12 to 13

It's been a hectic lead up to this point but finally, this week we found out we were definitely pregnant. It's an amazing feeling and one that we thought may not happen. I wanted to document the run in to becoming a dad for the first time. I hope I manage to keep it up in this blog.

Since we found out I find myself taking stock during quiet moments and steadily coming to terms with the reality that we about to realise a significant milestone in our lives.

It's an odd feeling because it doesn't quite feel real but yet I'm already planning ahead to when the moment arrives and I can hold baby in my arms. It's difficult to predict how that will feel and I'm trying not to be too methodical about the whole process. We should be enjoying this lead up. That's important.

It's exciting to plan ahead and today we went into London to look at baby things. It's only when you enter a shop like Mothercare for the first time where you're not buying a gift for a friend's baby that you realise just how much needs to be done between now and 40 weeks.

I guess I need to write this to capture how I'm feeling and to have something that's a keepsake I could potentially read to the little one at some point in the future. 

This evening, full of ambition, I started a list of what we need to do before birthday zero...I've only just started looking into it and it's already an Excel spreadsheet numbering 89 lines.... a little concerning...

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