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First Novel, First Draft Finished...

Wow, it's taken a while to get here, 2 and a half years to be precise. But today I finished the first draft of my first novel. I hope to have something out just after Christmas so watch out world.

I've revised the first chapter since my previous post as well as the elevator pitch so here goes:

Elevator Pitch:

The UK engulfed by years of anti-social behaviour. Violence on the streets keeps good people trapped in their homes.
A new Government struggling to find a solution, turns to science to respond to the challenge.
A brilliant scientist with ghosts from the past finds an innovative way forward using medical technology. A new technology to measure how we behave. Unconventional, unpalatable, but a solution that will question the way we think about human behaviour and how tolerant we are to change.
A blogger tracks the events, a victim and a hero embroiled in the twists and turns of a story that forces the reader to believe the unthinkable.

Chapter 1:
Early July, Addlestone, Surrey.