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First Novel, First Draft Finished...

Wow, it's taken a while to get here, 2 and a half years to be precise. But today I finished the first draft of my first novel. I hope to have something out just after Christmas so watch out world.

I've revised the first chapter since my previous post as well as the elevator pitch so here goes:

Elevator Pitch:

The UK engulfed by years of anti-social behaviour. Violence on the streets keeps good people trapped in their homes.
A new Government struggling to find a solution, turns to science to respond to the challenge.
A brilliant scientist with ghosts from the past finds an innovative way forward using medical technology. A new technology to measure how we behave. Unconventional, unpalatable, but a solution that will question the way we think about human behaviour and how tolerant we are to change.
A blogger tracks the events, a victim and a hero embroiled in the twists and turns of a story that forces the reader to believe the unthinkable.

Chapter 1:
Early July, Addlestone, Surrey.

Chapter 2 - the story continues

Thanks for the comments and feedback following the posting of chapter 1 of my book. Chapter 2 is below and I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Hope you enjoy it.
Mid-August – Chester It had been a month since the attack on the old lady that shocked most of Britain. The fact it was leaked by a blog embarrassed most of the hacks still left on Fleet Street and even more so the nouveau-scribes in Canary Wharf.
The Home Secretary condemned ‘The Day Today’ for putting the story out there amid pressure on the Government for standing seemingly idly by while Britain was gripped by all too regular violent interludes.
People were scared. They were scared and angry that nothing was being done. Public visits by any Cabinet Minister were met with derision and speeches received with a chorus of boos. The election could not come soon enough as the majority of the public had lost faith in the current Government.
David Lawson had been campaigning on the back of a promise to rid the streets of these fer…